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Session January 2006 to December 2006

Hello: Given the closure of the Bluecoat Arts Centre for refurbishment, our style is a bit cramped so whilst we search for PLAN B, a venue and ideas here is this years list to date, which at the time of going to press is limited to soundwalks.....


Christmas Day : Static Soundwalk Special
Derek Bailey Memorial Soundwalk.
Christmas Day: 10.15 am

Another Christmas Day session from the indefatigable Listening Room. Previous years Great George has been enjoyed as an excellent ear cleansing and body grounding delight after the onslaught that is Christmas morning.

This year with sadness and celebration I dedicate this event as a memorial to Derek Bailey who died on Christmas Day 2005. This is my offering amongst many others to a man who opened up an area of work that we have all stumbled into: music: free improvisation its nature and practice.

The Great George bell will ring at approx. 10.25 - 10.30

Links to more info re Great George from a previous year: (the dates are in the past!)

Highly recommended session

Phil Morton: Curator of the Listening Room


The Listening Room Present
CD: presentation,
Phil Minton, Vovalist, Trumpets, Feral Choir.

Roger Parry CD Presentation returns ! Possibly the first since November 2004! with a special presentation featuring Phil Minton who will soon appear for Frakture with the Feral Choir in September and with the international Trio Toot.

Date: Saturday, September 2nd,
Venue: St Brides Church, Catherine Street, Liverpool, L8 7NG
Time: 14:00 hrs
Duration 1 hour
Donation: £1, a request to cover the costs of room hire


Take me to the river / The Slow Soundwalks

Wednesday 21st June 2006 4:30 am & 9:30 pm A Summer Solstice Special.

£2:00 each and for both: BOGOF

When was the last time you went somewhere just to hear the sounds there? Whether experienced as private meditation or as collective silence SOUNDWALKS refresh your ears and reset your sensual awareness to where you are, live or work......... To-nights walk is a special slow walk: a path that last 10 minutes at a brisk pace will take an hour. A path down Otterspool Park Path to the river taking in the sonic delights of the wood as we leave the road behind. A rare chance to slow down in the urban rush. All welcome: avoid noisy bags and clothing, bring a friend.

Meet at Otterspool Gates Aigburth Road/Jericho Lane

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