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Hope1: Frakture Open Sessions in Free Improvised Music,
Workshops exploring its nature and practice.

Monthly Sessions Hope at Cornerstone. Everton,
7.30 - 9.30 pm £2 fee: First session free of charge
7.30 - 8.15 pm Led Session
8.30 - 9.25 pm Open session playing free improvised music.

The Frakture sessions in Free Improvised Music welcomes all levels of musicianship and musicians who are willing to participate and engage in the music. Not unlike a walk or a chat with friends free improvised music is a music that does not know its destination at the point of departure, openness to listening, interaction, and creative new ideas are central to the music we create.

Whether you are new to music playing or a skilled artist looking for a different experience these session have a lot to offer and provide opportunities to develop your confidence and skills in music making. Freely improvised music will often be tagged as experimental, creative or new music, and although hard to define here are some themes we seek to explore to enable musicians to develop their abilities to simply play a music that is not composed.

· Attentive listening
· Risk taking from a position of safety
· Different Dynamics; different dynamics in music and people present
· Unlearning mechanical methods of music making
· Explore technical ability and the creative process.
[ source, credits to Maggie Nicols ]

Regular attendance of the Frakture workshops can open up opportunities for your interests and passions to develop further by performing at a Frakture concerts, recording sessions and network with other musicians.

To attend contact
Phil Morton 0151 709 6123

Write to : Frakture, PO Box Closed: postal address given on request, Liverpool L69 8WH