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Hope1: Workshops In Free Improvisation

Its Nature & Practice

Hope1 : Workshop in free improvisation, its nature and practice are held on 1st Wednesday of month for the October 2006 to August 2007 season. THIS IS A CHANGE: from the past practice of the sessions being held on the first Monday.

The sessions currently attract between 10-18 musicians with a wide range of experience and competencies in free improvisation: in sound.

They have a formal structure and are "led" by the workshop leader who is responsible for the creative content and development of the session. All are welcome to the Hope1 session especially newcomers to the musical form and practice but we believe the sessions will reward musicians of all abilities.

The sessions style and content have been influenced by Frakture's collaborations with Eddie Prevost, Maggie Nicols, and the legacy of John Stevens.

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update: October 2, 2006
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