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Launched on the 22nd September 2004, initially Splash Gigs were delivered as batches, 2/3 gigs close together, featuring 2 or 3 "bands" on each night hence the name. Splash gigs now invite individual musicians to meet and play free improvised music in a series of planned and random groupings as arranged on the night. Splashs gig are similar to "jam sessions" found in other genre, the small difference here is that they are not turn up play, the musicians commit to attend prior to the gig.

Musicians register and interest to play and then are invited to play.

To register, you need to join our musicians network newsletter list, the contact list is here, tick the box, musicians newsletter.
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Splash Gigs

Splash night @ The Pilgrim
34 Pilgrim St
Liverpool L1 9HB

venue 0151 709 2302, frakture 07999518582

Thursday 24 th September
8.00pm £2.00

A casserole of free improvisation in a new venue for Frakture which once featured the likes of Derek Baileys Company, Fred Frith and Phil Minton….reclaim the night with this evening of free improvisation. How? During the evening a selection of very lovely improvisers from around Liverpool and further afield converge to swap sounds, develop ideas, listen AND respond. Splash where creative forces meet.

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Phil Morton,Accidents & Treatments
Adam Webster, Cello
Simon Jones,Violin, electronics
Harry Gallimore, Home made synths
Matt Hamlett, Guitar
Chris Mcgugan, Acoustic Guitar
Phil Lucking, Trumpets
Adrienne O'Toole, Guitar
Mark Jones, Flute
Gareth Bibby, Electronic

Frakture acknowledge the financial support , of PRS Foundation & Arts Council England & Arts Council England, plus the voluntary support work of the Frakture Administrative Staff and network musicians.

here are spme photos from i:Splash #23
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Frakture acknowledge the financial support , Arts Council England , PRSF, plus the voluntary support work of the Frakture Administrative Staff and network musicians.

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